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NuBiAh Book


Purchase NuBiAh books for students and/or schools. These spoken word stories teach the value of self-worth and respect while motivating young adults to be proactive about their future. Similar to superheroes, the African Kings and Queens within these spoken word stories display core values, principles and traits. Respect, Self-Value, Anti-Bullying and Tolerance are prominent values.


Teachers use these monologues to instruct in English Literacy where students strengthen public speaking skills. Class room recital sessions help improve vocal dynamics, tone, projection, body language, confidence and annunciation. Thousands of youth have improved their public speaking skills, overall. Buy a book and help a student in the community.


NuBiAh is a book series produced by Urban City Youth that inspires success driven values and principles practiced by successful Legendary Kings & Queens who inspired confidence, self-worth and respect for fellow man. The lessons within define the strengths and values practiced by Kings and Queens to expand noble tribes into legendary EMPIRES!

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Click to hear a short audio demo of Spoken Word clip from Queen Nefertiti, also performing in the NuBiAh stage play musical, see video on Livestream Page.

NuBiAh Stage Play Musical

The NuBiAh stage play musical has toured several colleges and Universities. Schedule a NuBiAh show for your school today. The cast and production crew are Urban City Youth. See the West Angeles Theater performance of NuBiAh on the Live Stream page. The NuBiAh cast and crew of 17 people has performed in the following locations.

  • West Angeles Theater, Crenshaw Ave, Los Angeles, CA (3 shows)

  • CSU Sacramento, Sacramento, CA

  • CSU Monterey Bay, Seaside, CA

  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (Los Angeles chapters) in celebrating their 100 year anniversary, Los Angeles, CA. (Griot Monologues)

  • Southwest College NuBiAh Review, 2012

  • Lindsey Middle School, Long Beach, CA

  • Regency West, Leimert Park, Los Angeles, CA

Schedule Recording Time at the UCY Sound Recording Studios

The UCY Recording studio offers state of the art sound recording technology.  Schedule time and reserve an experienced UCY sound engineer to produce your next project. We have assisted many local platinum Artist and producers. The studio also serves as the production center for the Urban City Youth Radio show; airing on KTYM 1460AM radio for more than three years.

Urban City Youth Radio Show

The radio station KTYM 1460AM, Inglewood changed its format from Gospel Ministry to Spanish only language in October 2015. The UCY Radio show continued on KKLA 99.5FM for another 12 show run. Help us re-launch the Urban City Youth Radio show on a radio station and help many aspiring UCY radio personalities produce their favorite topics. The UCY Radio teams (cycles 1-7) thanks the local business community and servicemen who shared sage advice, valuable words of wisdom and key secrets to success on the Urban City Youth radio show.


Radio Show Sponsors

Again, we give a BIG Thank You to our private donations and loyal supporters Chambers Shoes & Boots Repair, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts of America, Julia's Hair Weev Salon, DULANS on Crenshaw, United Negro College Fund, Our Weekly Newspaper, U.S. Marine Corps, Muscular Dystropy Association, Foundation of the Jr. Blind, Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Fire Departments. We remain forever grateful for your support. Listen to the Urban City Youth radio show on the Radio page.

Event Production


We provide event coordination/production along with full video production including editing, professional photography and live event streaming. Contact us to discuss logistics for your next perfect event.

Gospel & Gumbo Events

Urban City Youth has been presenting Gospel & Gumbo fundraisers for organization seeking to raise awareness for their community cause.  For more details visit. 


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